August 29, 2007


Well here I am...making my first post on a blog of my very own...nervous and inept...but having a go!!

So what has prompted this radical behaviour i hear you ask?? Is the World coming to an end and i feel the need to reveal my secrets? is there an award being offered for the least advanced blog of the year? or do i have a secret agenda and i'm really out for an audience for my political and social reorganization of the known Universe?

don't be fact its bigger and better than all of those...i have a new Design Team place...and i'm really excited about much so that i feel the urge to share my joy with *you*!

I'm so happy to be a part of the new Crop Til You Drop team...and i'm in wonderful if you haven't checked them out yet...please do...and when i've worked out how to...i'll even post a link!!!

suffice to say for now that i'm learning all sorts this week, and its one hellofa curve!!

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