November 24, 2008

Back from my travels...

Hi guys...I'm back from Berko...where I had a fabby time with my sister and BIL :) Thanks are the best and I love you from the bottom of my felted heart!!

Actually, my sister made this really cute felt heart to hang in thier bedroom. {She is hoping to get some narrow white lace to make the dangler...but we couldn't locate any this week...} As someone who is not a crafter, and had to have assistance to thread the needle lol, I think she's done a brilliant job! Well done Anna :)

We also made these little cuties. I made a paper template, but its funny how with different people doing them, they all turned out slightly different shapes!! Its one of the many joys of craft, huh? They are to be stuck onto green painted pegs and hung on a ribbon line across the large mirror in their lounge. I think they will look super cute...especially when they have sweeties poking out of the top!!

Now I must get busy...I have deadlines!! *gasps...and runs for a cammomile tea* ;)

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