January 20, 2009

happy barack obama day!

I'm thinking in years to come today will be like VE day, or the day we landed on the moon...and it will be one of those moments in history where the common question is:

*where were you?*

well...lest I should forget, I was on the couch with a cuppa and my husband listening and watching in awe...

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a great thinker, or a huge follower of International politics, but even my degree of consciousness cannot help but be pricked by such an event.

I wish you well Mr. Obama...I cannot help but worry about the level of hype and expectation that surrounds you and has been put upon you. I cannot help but worry about the state of the World as you come to power. And I cannot help but be impressed with the way you have handled yourself and the situation {as I see it} thus far.

For what its worth, you are in my thoughts.

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