March 04, 2010

i just may have invented a new technique...

you may have noticed from the photo of my lino trout...that cleaning my stamps isn't always high on my priority list...and here is another example...another little lino cutting from Christmases past...totally covered in a layer of silver acrylic...with a top coat of blue ink!!

and its not just the stamps that get abandoned half~way through a job...take a look at the state of this brayer!!!
i've used it to *bray* with thick artist quality silver paint and left it to it no longer functions as a nice smooth ink spreading device...but now it occurs to me...i may have just invented my own personal textured brayer!!! {by accident of course...not by design!! lol}
think i'll have a play with it this afternoon...and see what happens!
have you made any discoveries by accident...that have turned out to become favourite tips or techniques??? do share your crafting i don't feel quite such a lonesome twit!!

1 comment:

Julia Dunnit said...

I've yet to stumble over a successful end result of my um, neglecting to clean, but I am happy to report that it hasn't stopped me...I regularly don't clean stamps. Will be cheering you on if that brayer is worth keeping!