September 22, 2010

Sketch challenge update & patchwork metal tutorial

hi all,
i've decided to leave the challenge open for another week...just in case there are any stragglers out there that haven't quite finished...the current LO's are gorgeous...just click on mr. linky to add your LO and to see the others :0) you've got to be in it, to win it, right?

and as i've been asked quite a few times now, i've done a simple tutorial for my patchwork~metal technique
...hope you like it!

you will need:

an item to cover {mine is a mini~album which i've disassembled}

scraps of Ten Seconds Studio metal {or similar weight metal sheet}

scraps of grossgrain ribbon, ric~rac, trim in your chosen colours

embossing folders & big shot {or similar machine}

Humungo double sided super strong adhesive, and double sided tape {other makes are available...and i'm beginning to sound a little like i'm on the craft tv now!!}

glossy accents

nail file

alcohol ink & applicator

Step 1.

cut your metal scraps into suitable sized pieces for the item you are covering {the ones i used are 2 inches square} and emboss with the folders in a variety of patterns:

Step 2.

cover the front of your item completely with the Humungo tape, remove the red covering and begin applying your patchwork squares to the most awkward part of the shape first, making sure to alternate your patterns:

Step 3.

continue covering the shape until the whole thing is covered, folding 1/2 inch of metal over to the back {and through any holes} and trimming the corners as you would if you were covering the book with paper {cutting a triangle off at each corner to prevent bulkiness}:

Step 4.

use an old nail file or a sanding block to remover some of the coloured coating to the metal:

Step 5.

apply a few drops of alcohol ink directly onto the metal, and dab all over to spread the colour evenly with the applicator tool, then leave to dry:

Step 6.

apply a line of strong double sided tape over the join between each square of metal, with a dab of glossy accents at each end and stick down your ribbon scraps, folding the excess over to the back:

Step 7.

my cover had a window, so i've added a piece of acetate scrap and a photo to the middle by simply taping them in place on the back:

Step 8.
cover up all the messiness on the back of the cover with a co~ordinating piece of patterned cardstock and if you need one, re~make the hole!

Step 9.

reassemble the book...and its you're all done :0)

i hope all that makes sense to you...if you have any questions do leave them in the comments box and i'll do my best to answer them :0)


alexa said...

Gosh, this is amazing ... I have no metalwork skills at all, Alix. When I saw the photo covering up the frame with paper, I thought "Oh no!" because it looked as if you could stamp with it! Could you? The sheer variety of surface textures would look great on fabric ...

ScrappyDandyDoo said...

oooooo that looks lush!!!!
Julie xx

Wendy said...

thank you Alix .... now where did I put that Ikea mirror? this is just the kick start I needed!

Scrappy~Sarah said...

Thank you. that is amazing :) Thanks for the tips :)

Claireliz said...

that is fantastic Alix

Scribble Monster said...

That looks fabulous, another technique for me to try! Thank you.

Steph said...

This is so the technique! Crop circle Steph x :)