January 25, 2011

Friendly Plastic Masterclass ~ Day Seven

day 7 ~ the finale!

Wow! I can hardly believe i’ve been waffling on about Friendly Plastic for a whole week now...and there is still so much more i wanted to show you and talk to you about...maybe i’ll have to do another week long intensive blog tutorial later in the year...Do let me know if you’ve enjoyed this and would like more :0)

Other things i planned to cover include making your pieces permanent and protecting them, making jewellery, using gilding flakes, and using FP in mixed media projects. However, all is not lost, there are lots of truly inspiring FP artists out there who can teach all these things and more if you check out their blogs and websites. I thoroughly recommend checking out:

Liz Welch ~ as seen on Create and Craft :0)
Linda Peterson ~ the best FP tutorial on You Tube!
Jana Ewy ~ probably the most talented FP artist EVER!!

and there are lots more out there...just pop Friendly Plastic or AMACO into your search engine and they'll all pop up for you :0)

Anyway, back to today and our final project. i really wanted to show you a complete project that shows you how much you’ve learned so far. What i’ve designed is also meant to show once and for all that FP does not have to be girly, super shiny or garish in nature, so i’ve made this project entirely monochrome and a bit more sophisticated than most of the things i’ve shared so far and has a definite 60’s vibe, maaan.

To create this monochrome frame you will need 1 ½ sticks of FP in black and 1 ½ in white. As i’m using up all sorts of left overs, i used plastic in lots of different colours for my frame but chose pieces that were either black or white on the reverse and used that side for my squares. No point buying more when you don’t need to, huh?

Simply create 12 one inch squares using the techniques we’ve explored so far. I’ve used stamping, both with black in into white FP and black on black {which i think looks really classy}, marbling, extruding through sequin waste, embedding buttons, stripes and shape cutting with cookie cutters. I’ve also added a few pearls and sequins to the mix, and a dash of crystal glitter...just because i could!

Now join your squares together using the hot water melding technique and adhere it to a ready~made frame, or construct your own as i did out of mount board. I used that super sticky tape that comes on the red rolls to stick mine and it holds really well. Add your photo, sit back and consider how far we’ve come from the simple frame we discussed on day one!

I really hope you’ve enjoyed and absorbed all this information and will give FP a go...what have you got to lose?


misteejay said...

Alix - the frame is stunning. B&W always looks good but this is fab.

Toni :o)

Jinny Holt said...

Absolutely stunning and thanks for your tips and techniques I have really enjoyed it

Jinny :~)

Ali said...

This looks fantastic!!! I've definitely got to get hold of some FP and have a go at some of these techniques! :)


Sarah (UKS Smelly) said...

Thanks for the master class Alix. Youe certainly have given me lots of ideas to try out

Doodle said...

Your blog is great and I especially love the hints and tips for Friendly Plastic .. I'm a newbie and hope to post my trial and errors on my blog ;o)

Would love to have you do more posts .. I pop in daily ;o)


Scrappy~Sarah said...

fabulous frame. thanks for the tutorials. :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing all your great tips and techniques. BTW I have left something for you on my blog. http://clairem79.blogspot.com/2011/01/mmmm-title.html

Salamanda's Scrappy Adventures said...

Thank you for your FP masterclass - very clear and easy to follow now I just need to buy some fp