October 05, 2007


I've been tagged by charli!

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Random/Wierdnesses About Me?

1. I have double jointed thumbs...they bend in most peculiar directions!
2. I am fluff-phobic.
3. My favourite treat is Malteasers and i eat them chocolate first...*yumm...*
4. I go to bed twice every day.
5. I am currently researching the cost of knickerbocker-glory glasses online.
6. My least favourite TV show is Rugby Club...which my OH records all the time. lol
7. I have always fancied Harvey Keitel!

I tag:

The Guv

think that about covers it!

1 comment:

Charli said...


I am also a Malteser munching person - they are and always will be one of my favourite chocs, and I'll never tire of eating them, even after bags and bags of the things!!

Love that card too Alix - its fab.