May 09, 2011

bubbly scrumptious update...simple wire flower tutorial

Morning all...especially those of you popping in from the Bubbly Funk forum...i have no idea why i've been unable to upload to the Bubbly Scrumptious blog for the last three rather than have you miss out, i thought i'd upload my simple wire flower tutorial here instead!

How to Create a Simple Wire Flower:


70cm length of craft wire available from Bubbly Funk {just click to buy it and see all the other yummy goodies in the shop}

125 seed beads


Thread 25 seed beads onto the length of wire and twist to create a petal shaped loop as shown below...

Thread on 25 more beads and twist again to create the second petal helps to leave a gap between the petals as the wire centre will gather here...

Thread on another 25 beads...i'm guessing you can see where this is going by now...and create yourself a third petal shaped loop...this time as well as twisting the wire to make the loop...wind it between the petals a few times to start building up your flower middle...

Thread on another 25 beads, make your fourth petal shape and continue to wrap the wire around the center of the flower about 5 times...working in between each petal...

Thread on the final 25 beads and create your fifth loop in exactly the same way, wrapping the wire around the middle another 5 or 6 times to create a juicy flower center. You can finish the flower either by leaving the two wire ends for a stem and twisting them together...or as i have done here, by tucking them into the knot of wire at the back and trimming with wire cutters or strong scissors.

As a final touch, bend each petal into a slight curved shape to give dimension and mimick a real flower...then attach to your chosen project.
These flowers are very simple to create and can be created in a multitude of sizes by altering the number of beads used per petal...or by not using the beads at all and simply measuring the length of your first petal to get an even sized flower. They can also be used in lots of ways...they look fabby on coat lapels or headbands...attached to handbag flaps or on the front of cards or scrapbook LO's.
i hope you like the flower and will have a go at creating it...and don't forget to check back in for my next tutorial where we'll take this idea and make a much more complex flower!
thanks for stopping by and to all who leave encouraging comments...they are truly appreciated!


airing cupboard crafts said...

Such a fab flower thank you so much for the tutorial x

misteejay said...

TFS this Alix.

Toni xx

Claireliz said...

Funky beaded flower Alix, great idea.

fatmonica said...

Great flower!

Paula said...

oooh did I spy those on your LO today, they make lovely embellishments:) x

alexa said...

This is very clever! I think I'll need to go and find my glasses to do this!

Traceyr said...

Love these flowers thanks for the tutorial.