July 01, 2008

good news and bad news...

  • Good news - Will seemed totally chuffed with his birthday box...and the contents thereof, Anna loved the Birthday gift I'd made her...and whipped them away before I could get photos!!!

  • Bad news - the *groom* has become very unwell and its only 2 1/2 weeks to the wedding! Big bummer this one :(

To cheer things up here is a picture of a project I did for the Hambly Screen Prints Design Team Call...I don't know what I was thinking of entering...I doubt they'll even look at my efforts...but I'd love to get the gig...and you've got to be in it...to win it right? :) Let me know what you think...?

If you'd like to know what any of the product are...just ask ;)


Bunny B said...

Hope the groom gets better before the big day!

scrapaddict said...

oh my gosh! love that hambly project!! it is great! jen t.