September 23, 2008

ta daaaaa!

apologies for the no-show yesterday...migraine hell again, i'm afraid...but the world seems a little less harsh this here it is:

*honeymooning with my honey* ;)

This album began its life as the mini Scrapaganza in Stratford this year, as a class taught by the unrepressable Donna Downey! It bears very little resemblance to hers, but what is the same is the way the album is cut up, in staggered sections, the stash used is partly from the kit {the swirls and the crackle paint i've used on them and the ribbons}. The stamps i've used are fancy pants and and cherry artes.

I can't find a link to Donna's version atm...but here is the album as done by someone else in the class, and it looks very much like the original. Michelle has done an awesome job, huh?


Michelle Last said...

I love the pink and green together. Great job Alix. I wonder if we are the only two who have completed the project??

Gemma said...

ooh, will you bring this to the next crop so I can nose up close?! Beautiful! Gemma xx