September 24, 2008

as promised...

here are some of the cute crafty things we made to add that *personal* touch to our wedding...

The bunting was a major undertaking. We had hundreds of metres of it...all made from old bits of fabric donated to us by friends of the MIL. She, the groom, and I spent hours cutting triangular flag shapes out with pinking shears...and then the lovely Rosie sewed the whole thing into 4 amazing strings! It was so gorgeous...all round the Farm...from the marquee, to the carparking field and guiding guests into the garden for thier fizz and photographs!

when the guests made thier ways to the marquee...they were guided to their own tables by our table planner.

This was made by stamping the same swirl {Autumn Leaves} that we used on the invitations, adding Prima flowers and pearl brads {Papermania}. We named our tables after herbs, so each table had a botanical drawing of the herb, the name for those who don't love their herbs like we do! and obviously a list of names. In order to find their seat...all you had to do was match the herb...and bingo! :)

to make the table names, I repeated the botanical drawings and herb names and laminated them {thanks again Rosie for letting me use the laminator!!} I painted kebab sticks pink and white and we wound garden wire around the top and into a swirl, which held the herb card in place. The other end was stuck into a jam jar, full of marshmallows...which added the right colours...and kept any hungry people satiated in the wee small hours!

each table was also decorated with a floral teapot full of sweet peas and herbs fresh from the garden! Thanks to my Mum, sister, MIL and aunties for collecting all the teapots...and to the lovely Wendy for growing all the sweetpeas for us!

Ok, that's your lot for today, but maybe some of these ideas will inspire you? or maybe you have some great ideas of your own to share? don't be shy...i'd love to hear what you've done for your weddings... :)


Scrapdolly said...

Alix I love love love all the ideas - what special things you made

Love the sweetpeas too

Em said...

Oh Alix. HUGE congratulations on the wedding. You look absolutely gorgeous in the photo- so radiant. The decorations are beautiful too.x

Linda said...

Congratulations Alix - looks like you had a fabulous day, made all the better with your personal touches.
A friend of mine made beautiful seed packets for all the guests at her wedding and put nemesia seeds inside from her garden.
The packets were beautifully illustrated with pictures of the flower and details of the wedding.
(Must remember for if ever my daughter gets married!)

Gemma said...

Yummy.....what a clever you!