October 30, 2009

meet the family!

i've mentioned before that i'm taking a class in self-portraits, right? well this weeks' task was to draw a characture/cartoon of yourself. it was super fun...you start by sticking a piece of acetate to a mirror and drawing around your features, you then copy this onto regular paper {we did this by holding both pieces up against a window and tracing}, finally you exagerate whichever features you feel like...et voila!

as you can see...i can't draw for toffee...but i enjoyed this project so much i just had to share it with you! it was maybe so much fun because i made my family take part too...lol...so here they are...i proudly present:
my beautiful sistermy desirable {if a little wonky} husbandand my cheesy grinned {always smiling} brother in law!thanks guys for joining me in this little task...it made me giggle so much...and still does when i think about it now!!!
love you all xxxxx


Colleen said...

Oh My Gosh!!!! This is sooooo cool! I love that your family did this with you and I'm thrilled that you had fun doing it! What a great way to express yourself and have a giggle or two in the process.

I think they ALL look amazing!

Shirley said...

Oh my goodness, these are hilarious...but good of course!
:D Shirley

Anne said...

Heh - I do like those!

I have absolutely zero talent at drawing - but massive admiration for anybody that can. In my mind, that's PROPER art, that is!

Claireliz said...

They are brilliant!!! what a fab idea, love it.

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