November 12, 2009

distressed by inky fingers?

this is a post for my teamie, sue...and anyone else who is fed up of getting thier fingers stained by distress and other inks...

instead of holding the cut and dry foam directly with your fingers...mount small squares onto old door knobs or blocks of wood {the ones you've removed from old mounted stamps are good too}...simply glue the grey side to the bottom of the have a handle...and clean finger nails!! :) its not necessary to have one for every ink you use...but keen to specific colours so you don't end up with a muddy mess...i've simply written the colours in OHP pen on the top...{any permanent marker works fine} i don't get them muddled when i have lots out on the desk at once!

hope that is of use to some of you out there...i use my inks much more now that they don't stain my fingers... to finalize the class i'm teaching at the saturday crop...hope there will be lots of you ready to play...its a stamping class...and a paper engineering to make one card...3 different ways!


Julia Dunnit said...

Oh that's clever!

sarah copeland said...

such a good idea, i've just forked out for tim holtz's tool!

Biskit said...

That's a cracking idea! I have tons of knobs like that that I refuse to bin.