November 17, 2009

apologies to my BIL...

he is such a good sport and a cutie to i couldn't resist turning one of our Christmas photos into the crop class this month...don't worry will...there were only about 25 people there...and none of them laughed ;) *honest*

i just love kinetic cards {ones with moving parts} even as a child i loved to make simple pop-ups...and at Christmas time i like to make something a bit special for my loved ones...something that will get pride of place in their card display...i think these fit the bill!

this first one is a simple swing card...made from one sheet of A4 cardstock, but cut and folded so that the focal point swings as you open and shut the card...enabling you to see both here is the outside...see Rudolph has a red gem on his nose?

and here is the other side of the gorgeous BIL pretending to be a raindeer...and he has a gem on his nose too!! lol the rest of the design is simple two-coloured stamping with Autumn Leaves' flourishes...they get everywhere those stamps!!

the second card we made was a window card...which forms a box to allow it to stand unaided...but squashes flat for posting...i think you can see this from the aerial photo :)

you can also see from this photo that it was quite windy out...and the card blew off the table top and onto the mossy floor...denting one corner!! hey ho...luckily the moss was i can disguise it by inking all the edges in green!! *disaster averted*
hope you like these ideas...the ladies at the crop seemed to enjoy them...and the cards they ended up with were fabulous...well done all!
there will be more ideas over the coming days...Christmas card making in earnest now...

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Anonymous said...

brill ideas! i like something a bit different to the norm :)