January 25, 2010

a rather corny post...so what's new? ;0)

i've been playing at Style School over the weekend...and this latest project was a *quote pillow*...Elsie's were super sweet...but as usual...well this course is all about our own personal style, right?...i decided i had enough pillows for now {i know the hubby will not believe this either lol!} so i thought about what i did need...and turned mine into a corn bag...like a wheat bag...but with corn in!!
because the fabric is tie-dyed...by me...and the weather is grotty its tricky to show...so here are a couple of shots! basically i took a tie-dyed square and embroidered my quote *its sort of comforting...* in orange thread...i then added a starbust in purple thread, an orange fabric flower and sewed a scuffed up button in the middle...easy.

{the quote is winnie the pooh...he's talking about honey...but when i'm in pain...trust me...a heat bag is like manna from heaven for me!! }

the fabric i used on the reverse of the bag is from an old table runner that my MIL made when she was a little girl...i was never going to use it as it was...but now i will see it all the time ;0)

i've also shown a close up of my closing stitches...when i'm making something in this shabby chic style...i like to see that it is handmade so i don't attempt to hide my stitches...but for those of you who are perfectionists out there...elsie has a tip: just glue the opening with fabric glue!! *shhhh....i won't tell if you don't*

and while we're on the subject of corny things...i thought i'd show you this enormous bag that i made for my hubby a couple of christmases ago...


this one is truly enormous...he suffers from pain in his back and especially aroung his neck...the usual wheat bags weren't really cutting much mustard as they are not really long enough for neck pain...so i trimmed down a pair of cordroy trousers and made this one from one leg...it is huge...and you can wear it like a scarf...ideal if you do have a bad neck!
if you're making a large bag like this one...don't fill it as full as you might a small square one...or it will be really heavy...and that is not *sort of comforting...*
if you've made any of these...i'd love a link to see them...


Allycat x said...

Love the comforting cushion, you've been a busy bee!
and as for the wording on the bag for hubby - fantastic!!! x

jaki said...

Just had a catchup on what youve been upto lately hun and youve done some gorgeous things!! Think we need to come round and have a proper look ;-) Xx

Bubbles said...

Beautiful, beautiful colours on that cushion - and practical too :)

Sandra said...

I just love your cushion, and I have to say the bag really made me smile - it's just wonderful.

Anonymous said...

just stopping by to say hello