January 15, 2010

Style School!!

Hi everyone! Thanks for the lovely comments on my last post...you girlies really cheer me along from day to day, so thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts with me :0)

now...i promised details of Elsie and Leigh-Ann's Style School class that i'm taking...but i've been hit hard by a monster migraine this week...so i'm a bit behind i'm afraid...but thankfully the classes are generally fairly cute but quick makes...so i will catch up!!

the first class was a wreath project, wrapped in wool and decorated with flowers made from a double layer of PP and acetate...to make them shiny like vintage broaches...here is my version:

i am a rubbish student it would seem...i didn't use a wreath...i didn't make the PP&acetate flowers...and i didn't wrap the whole thing in wool lol...so what did i do? well...i made my faux enamel flowers {as i love to do} by dipping PP flowers into UTEE using my melt-pot and layering up...adding a few buttons and bits of bling...i used simple photograph frames as the *wreath* part {these are to become a part of a wall display i'm already working on for my lounge} and i painted them with Distress Paint...one is wrapped in string and one has small sections of ribbon tied to it...then i adhered the flowers to the frames with silicone glue. Easy...and i must say...i love them...even hubby likes them and has already allowed them up on the wall!! ;0)

when i get the Melt Pot out i like to make lots of things while i'm about it...so i have plenty more of these sort of flowers to appear on a blog near you soon!
project number 2 is a wall art display hanger...and i hope to complete it today *wish me luck*
hope you enjoy seeing what i've done so far...and stay tuned...i will have lots more fun projects to share over the next 6 weeks!


Sandra said...

ooohhh thank you so much :) ... what a great idea. My melting pot is gathering dust in my craft room and you've given me the inspiration to use it. ooohh so excited now LOL.

I hope you're feeling better now - nothing worse than having all the ideas, but not being able to use them - I do hope you're better now.

I love your take on "classes" - it's so much better to put your own stamp on things - and with such a creative talent as yours I'm glad you do :)

Rosie said...

Woo hoo .... do you give lessons in how to use a melt pot etc?? If so I'll be right over!! Lovely frames, look forward to seeing them.

jaki said...

oooh hun they are GORGEOUS! think I'm gonna have to come over and have some lessons :-) Cant wait to see them in the flesh! X

Claireliz said...

Great project. Migraines are awful, glad you're feeling better.

Carmen said...

Love it! It's so much better to put your spin on things anyway than to follow things to the letter. Love the effect of the frame with all the tring around it.