January 22, 2010

Warning: this post contains a scary teenage photo!!

hi all,

this is the third of my LO's for Scrapdolly's 52 in 10 project...and the most scary so far...the prompt was to look back at an earlier time in your life and, with hindsight, think about the advice you might give your former self...assuming of course that your former self would have listened...which at 16 i most certainly would have not!! lol

i have cut out the flowers from some pp by Making Memories...added a Tim Holtz text stamp and another Tim floral corner stamp to create the subtle foliage along the bottom...the title is a couple of rubons and i've added acrylic flowers and 2 packets of gems to tone the flowers with my colour scheme...the journalling is underneath the photo...which you can lift with a tab of ribbon on the right hand side...but this time it is for my eyes only. ;0)

now, i did warn you about the scary teenager in this post...and i'm afraid to say it is me!!! lol just in case you can't get a good enough laugh from the photo above...here is an enlargement!!
*hides shamefully in a corner until the people have gone away*
whilst i'm on the subject of teenagers...i thought i'd share this bunting i designed for a 14th Birthday parts...its bluebirds holding a little banner that says *luck and fate* and the stamps are by Bombshell Stamps...love them! i'm thinking of hanging this up in my guestroom for a while so i can enjoy it a little longer!

here is the party invitation i designed to go with the bunting...i think its super cute...and i'm sure i would have loved it at that age...would you??

so there you have it, today's offerings...now i'm off for a nap...and i hope to catch up with style school this afternoon!
happy crafting,


Julia Dunnit said...

Ha, great photo! Did you know that Bombshell is currently doing a DT call?

Alana said...

Love the bluebird stamps. Don't worry I have even scarier teen photos!

Alana said...

Love the bluebird stamp. Don't worry I'm sure we all have just as scary teen photos lurking in an album somewhere.

Jo Power said...

great layout and although you might think the photo is embarressing I have worse one of me at 15 fag in hand and sulking like a 2 year old honest thats embaressing. Love the bunting and invite well done you xx

Rosie said...

You don't scare me!! I had teenagers of my own and lived to tell the tale! Love those bluebirds ....

Angela said...

Photo is not scary at all - you should see mine!

Scrapdolly said...

Alix I love it
I especially love the journalling block at the side which is fabulous

i hid my journalling too but your photo is way less scary!