February 13, 2011

Embracing Imperfection!!

hi all,

did you know that there is currently a free class running over at Big Picture Classes...all about Embracing Imperfection and getting busy at the scrapping table..? you can join in by clicking here

the course is basically a 2 weeklong lesson in how we spend too much time and energy fretting and worrying about creating perfect pages to go in our albums...and not enough time simply putting our thoughts and our photos onto the paper and into our albums. sound familiar, huh?

i have wholeheartedly embraced this notion for the LO i'm showing you now...for well over a year {maybe more than one...but who's counting, right?} this LO has sat half completed in my WIP {work in progress} pile...and the reason...well...even tho it wasn't finished, i knew it wasn't perfect so i lost interest. but doh! i love this photo...i love the memories that flood back when i look at it...and so what if the tone of green isn't perfect with the tone of the purple...when i look at it...and when i showed it to my sister...we both felt transported back to that very moment. that is exactly what scrapping is for, right? so i've embraced this LO, imperfections and all and now its done...i actually love it!! :)

to emphasise that i encourage you to take this approach to your LO's too...i'm even going to point out the imperfections that were holding me back...

firstly...the photo was small and blurry...and when i enlarged it...it was even more blurry...so there you go...imperfect photo...but its all i have of that memory...and its important to me...so who cares!

secondly...i matted the photo by electric light {not daylight} and in the morning i didn't like the tone of the green with the purples i'd used...imperfect colour~matching...a designer no~no...but not really a show stopper in my personal albums :) i'll just learn to live with it!

thirdly, and this one might be a total no~no for some of you...but the LO has sat in the pile for so long and been shuffled so many times that the border had gotten torn...normally i'd scrap it and start the whole border again...but i decided to hell with it...it barely notices in the scheme of things {my sister didn't notice when i showed her the page...she was just happy wallowing in the memory}...so i've embraced that imperfection too!

i can't say i think its the greatest page i've ever created...or that its the one i'm most proud of technically...or stylistically...but i'm really glad to have it in the album and out of the the WIP pile...and i feel sort of liberated about getting it done...and moving on to the next thing. that is a good feeling :)

so go on...see if you can spend a little less time fretting and a little more time achieving! see you in the classroom!


fatmonica said...

I love it-perfect imperfection!

Tess said...

I love this super page. The purl;e coloor is awesome and I love the squiggles in the flower petals. A sweet simple page that just pops.

Tess said...

IS there a Big Picture class link and I;m just missing it?

misteejay said...

I think your LO is wonderful - imperfections and all...

Toni :o)

Claireliz said...

I'm doing Embrace Imperfection too & I have to say its really speeded me up! Love the page

Sandra said...

It's really lovely. Yes, I did join the class, and downloaded the first pdf, with the hope that this week slows down and I can play :)

Sometimes I think we all get hung up on it looking perfect to show on blogs or forums and we want others to be impressed with what we do, rather than stop and realise that scrapping should be meant for us and our families to see and enjoy.

Scrappy~Sarah said...

gorgeous, can't see the imperfections :o)