March 10, 2012

Julie Fei~Fan Balzer's Stamp 101 e~course...

As a little Birthday treat to myself, I decided to join Julie's Stamp 101 e~course...a step by step course to the basics of stamp carving...and its BRILLIANT!!  I would really recommend this class to anyone who fancies a go at carving your own stamps :0)  click here to be taken to her e~course page.

I've done a little stamp carving {and in the old days lino cutting when I had strong fingers}, so i wasn't sure how much i'd learn...but what with the chemo~fog and all i thought a little prompting in the form of daily lessons might get me up and running...and it has!

Now, i'm only on lesson 2...but here is what i created from Julie's easy to follow nesting stamp tutorial.  Her's was straight lines...mine is circles...and very rustic wonky circles at that!

Here is what you get when you stamp these 2 stamps though using different colours {i've used Stazon which is why its staining the stamps}.

Perhaps this makes it clearer...I started with this drawing...and ended up creating this cute little tag!

The observant among you will notice that i haven't told you how to do this...and that's because i don't want to steal Julie's thunder, after all her hard work setting up this super class...i really think you ought to join it and get all the details from the horses to speak! ;0)  Also...she explains it much better, in video format than i could ever do here!!

Ok, that's it for now...i'll be back when i can manage it...and in the meantime...i hope you're all having a crafty time out there :0)


Claireliz said...

That's fab, a very effective little stamp.
C xx

Sue said...

Looks like great fun!! looking forward to seeing more xx

Rosie said...

Hey well done you making your own stamps - and thanks for the tutorial link because I've just bought some stamp carving stuff and have (so far) been to nervous to try it out!

fatmonica said...

Brilliant stamp!

Salamanda's Scrappy Adventures said...

Very effective technique