April 04, 2012

are you a sketcher..?

sorry gang...no stamp carving post today...i haven't had a good moment to photograph...so i'll be back with the faux woodcuts after my next chemo...watch this space!

what i can share today is a little sneaky peek of another online class i've started...it has to be said that drawing/sketching is not a skill i was gifted with at birth...but i'm working on improving what i can do and here are a couple of sneaky peeks at my first attempts from the Art of Wild Abandonment class that i'm taking over at Scarlet Lime with Christy and Junelle:

whats so fun about this class so far {and i've only just started...so anything could happen!} is that it assumes no prior knowledge or skill and we just jump in and have a go which is totally up my street and its a really laid back, no pressure environment too :0)

if you want to join in...you'll need some form of watercolours, NeoColour II and a water colour pallette would be fine so far...but i think we're adding new products each week i think...so i'll keep you posted as how expensive it gets!! 

anyway, here are the sneaks from the first sketching lesson...making radishes into as many different things as you can...and a bunch of goofy owls on a tree branch!

hope you like them...and i'll see you again when my chemo head clears...


Rosie said...

Your radishes me me laugh out loud! Bless you, hope the next chemo isn't too grim, and have fun with those crayons - they are my most favouritest thing EVER.

Sue said...

Looks like such fun!! love them :0
Good Luck with the chemo , hope is as painless as possible xx

Ophelia said...

These are just awesome!