April 03, 2012

Carving out a word for myself...

I'm still loving my adventures in Stamp Carving with Julie's class...and although i skipped Lesson 7 which was carving an entire alphabet...I was super keen to have a go at Lesson 8, carving a single word stamp.  The word that I've been needing alot lately is *Thankyou!*, so it didn't take me long to choose my word...but yours could be anything if you're having a go...your name for example...or a word you've made up, even...we have plenty of those in our house ;0)

The most important thing about carving a word stamp, or any stamp with text, is that the letters and numbers if you use them must be the right way around when you stamp them...which means they must be the *wrong* way round when you carve them.  This is easily achieved by writing your text in pencil and transferring it onto the rubber by ummm...rubbing with your finger nail.

Now that i've made my stamp, i had to have a go with it instantly...so i've made this very simple thankyou card, suitable to send to almost anyone for any little something they've done for me...and then...i've created another slightly more advanced one...using doodling...and...

did you notice that i carefully made my word stamp to fit inside my bracket frame stamp!!

Its so versatile being able to design what you want in whatever size you want...and co~ordinating with other stamps you've created :0)

I'm totally hooked now...and tomorrow {all being well} i hope to share my favourite stamp yet...a faux wood block design that i hope you'll love as much as i do!

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