August 30, 2007

what's that coming over the hill?

yes indeedy...i do believe its a *monster*!

can't wait...i'm sure there will be pics tomorrow...and if i have any energy...a LO :)

as for's a photo i'm bursting to scrap...hope i have time this weekend...not the most flattering photo of either of us...but such an *us* way to celebrate out engagement...with champagne and pizza!!!


Looby said...

well done on the blog Alix! and that's a lovely photo - can see why you want to scrap it!

Beverley Todd said...

Nice to 'see' you alix - congrats on your engagement!
Guv x

Katy said...

Aw you two are so perfect for each other it's scary! Love you both to bits xx

Charli said...

Congrats Alix - you kept this very quiet indeed!! And wine and pizza is the best way to celebrate in my humble opinion lol

Charli said...

champagne and pizza i mean - doh