January 18, 2008

hmmmm *scratches head...*

well the new banner is up there...of sorts...but i wonder why it won't go all the way across!!! lol
this blogging lark sure is tricky!! :)

oooh yes...and the really good news is:

true to form i am late into the new technology...but i've finally had my first webcam conference!!

and how cool is it that we can play poker and chat to the P-P's while we are all miles away from each other...perhaps the globe is getting smaller afterall :)


Fabrizio said...

Welcome to the 21st Century Alix ! LOL Isn't it fun to talk and watch the other person though ? Fab X

Ruth said...

poker---a secret gambler are we

Ruth said...

If it's any use I did my banner by constantly resizing it and trying it til it fitted. It's 760x140 pixels at 200 pixels per inch! I think!