February 19, 2008

today i went to market and i bought...

...a yummy page kit which I'm sharing with Katy. We split the pack into 2 and have each made a LO using only that!! Check out Katy's on her blog, and compare it to mine:

And while I'm on the subject...the market we went too was Webbs' Garden Centre...and its awesome!!! It has a HobbyCraft inside...and a lovely restaurant...and plants...and a deli...and even Yankee Candles for Katy!! If you haven't been...you need to go there! They even have an ice-cream counter!! lol {although we didn't have any because of *the diet*}

We are so loving having Katy and Gus for buddies...they are super fun...even if they do thrash me at movie trivia!!


Katy said...

ROFL Alix!!! What is he like? Love your LO - is smashing! I'm going to try to do another with the leftover scraps - care to join me?

K x

Fabrizio said...

Love it ! I just like the photograph, you don't expect to see the person's back but it draws our attention to the hair and then the text....brilliant !