January 16, 2009

happy new year!

notable only for my absence so far this year...but i've been seriously under the weather, ditto the husband {by which i mean not that i've been under him, but that he's been under the weather also ;p} and to top all that off the MIL has been back in hospital since just after Christmas. Thankfully we are all making progress...but i am wading through treacle still, so i'm afraid i may well be out of *inspiration* for a wee while longer...but i am working on it!

However, today's glimmer of hope comes from Annie who has awarded me no less than 3 blog awards!! Thanks Annie...and do check out her blog to see the other talented ladies she's awarded it to!

she also wants me to list 5 things i'm addicted too...me? i'm a paragon of virtue, didn't anyone tell you Annie? lol

1. Special Victims Unit ~ horrific, depressing yet somehow i can't get enough...
2. Chamomile and Spearmint tea ~ i know it sounds disgusting...but trust me!!
3. Hot water bottles ~ i have at least 2 a day, but they have to have a fluffy cover or i'm just not interested!
4. Crunchy Nuggets ~ known in our house as *crunchy crack* because its not just me that's addicted to these naughties ;)
5. Snuggling my husband {coughing attacks permitting atm}

Gosh not one craft thing in that list...you can tell i'm not well, huh? lol

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