November 05, 2009

when good pages...go bad!!

my attempt at this week's challenge over on UKS...well i had to have a go really being as my new teamies set it! :)
as so often happens...i had a great plan {at least in my head i did}...drew my sketch...and then i cut the heart paper sloping in the wrong direction *bummer*...i decided to carry on...and thought i could rescue the situation by adapting to the slant going the other way...but i just can't! lol i need a slope to go from lower left to upper just doesn't feel right this way round!!

on the plus side...hubby loves it! *men!!!!!* ;) and i do love the its all a good learning curve, right?

now...have you done yours yet? please do play along...and leave me a link to let me come see what you've made of it...



Anthea Goodman said...

I don't think its bad! In fact, I think most people would only 'notice' it when you point it out. I love the colours, the pictures and the way its put together. So don't worry about it at all!!

Vicki said...

i love this layout - the slant looks great!!!

Linda Elbourne said...

I am with hubby ... not literally *LOL* but I really like it too!