January 07, 2010

its that time of year...

when the order of the day is 5 thousand thankyou cards!!! so i decided to make a start today...using the Stampin Up stamps Rosie gave me for Christmas...hope she'll be proud of me for using them!!

It always amazes me {because i am so slow to cotton on, i guess} just how different the feel of an almost identical card can be when you change the colour scheme. each of these has been made in the favourite colour of its recipient :)

so that is my ****hint**** for today:
make the same card or LO in several colourways to save time redesigning the wheel everytime!
i'd love to see any examples of this...so if you do this technique...do leave me a link ;) thanks!

1 comment:

Rosie said...

Absolutely YUMMY - the cards are quite nice too!!