March 21, 2010

Friday's Challenge...

i'm taking part in Shimelle's Something from {almost} Nothing class...or i would be if life hadn't gotten in the way this week! anyway...she set us a challenge each day over the weekend...and i've managed to do here is Friday's challenge:

to use plain cardstock {the letters and inside the bookplate}, to use pp {obviously all over the cover inside and out!}, to use metal {bookplate, adore clip, brads and metal tags} and ribbon {brown shaped ribbon on left hand side and giant ric rac below title}...tick, tick, tick and tick!

obviously the book isn't finished yet...hence the lack of binding...but i want to design the pages first and compile all our favourite recipes in one place...the inside cover will be my index when i have decided what categories to you need sections for non~chocolate recipes, i wonder? ;0)

thanks for stopping by, hope you're having a great weekend...we're loving the sunshine here!


Cheryl said...

What a great idea love it x

Tess said...

Oh my, your designs are just so wonderful... Love the recipe book idea. I need to make one for my brother as he is always calling me for hints, tips, what did I forget?, etc. He prefers my chili to his wifes (aren't I special) so he makes the chili and calls me when making the shopping list to be sure he doesn't forget anything. Yep, I think you have a grand idea here. Favorite recipes all in one place... (Most of mine are written on scraps tucked inside a big cook book. LOL!!)