March 30, 2010

its easy when you know exactly what you want to say!

hi everyone! this just might be the quickest and easiest LO i've ever done...but when you know exactly what you want to just have to say it, right? the photo is one i took of his nibs while we were on our second honeymoon {do you remember that story? ;0) } and i just love how its captured him off~guard...not posing...just smiling his natural smile...and dreaming of...well...who knows with men!! lol
as i'm determined to do this is made entirely from scraps of pp and left over embellishments...the only new thing is the paper rose {which i've layered over a fabric die cut flower} which Suzy sent me in a box of fluff for my Birthday...Thankyou Suzy! xxx

the word adore is from a scrap of pp that i loved years ago {sorry don't remember who made it}...and the i and the u are left over chip letters that i've painted with crackle paint to make the same colour...look carefully at the crackle tho...its much smaller on the chipboard corner and the star shape than it is on the letters...can you guess why..?

...its because i turned the letters over and painted on the adhesive side which gives this fantastic crocodile skin crackle! *another happy crafting accident!!*
this whole page took me about 20 mins...which just might be a record for me...and about 15 mins of that was waiting for the crackle to do its thing! ;0)


Rosie said...

Love the crackly effects - and you can see right up David's nose in this pic!!

Sandra said...

Really, 20 minutes and you created such a great layout?? I'm so impressed :) Sometimes you just get the perfect photo, don't you, which is just screaming to be used. This really is wonderful

head said...

Love those crackles - not something that I have played with. Great photo and LO - and am also impressed at the 20 mins - even when I have a fair idea of what I want to do I can still procrastinate!!! :)

Jenny said...

Love the crackles! If your anything like me you've got tonnes of stash to use up! *lol* tfs xx