July 05, 2010

is there anyone still out there..?

hi gang...apologies for the long and unexplained absence...boy did i miss you ;0) not to mention my lovely craftroom...but the good news is i'm back...and totally fired up to get crafting and scrapping again :0)

for the curious amongst you, you might like to know that life has been a little bit hard on me and mine for the last year really and i was totally in need of some time with my Mum to get a little bit looked after...a little bit indulged...and thoroughly put things back into perspective! nobody does that like a mum, right? :0)

{in fact you are so awesome, i know you won't mind me sharing this terrible picture of us both!! lol}

nothing restores the soul like a week at home...but being as mum is moving in a couple of weeks time to live really near me {hallelujah!}...this will have been my last trip to the bungalow we shared...and i will really miss it...i love what she's done to the house...but at the moment...i think the garden is just as beautiful as she is :0) just look at that lavendar border!
and who would not want to sit by that secret pond and contemplate the World around them?she made that wall/bench you know...you see...she is talented in so many ways...shame she can't take it with her really!!
and to top off a perfectly restorative break...we had a lovely day at the seaside too...with an ice~cream of course...because its rude not too at the beach, right? ;0)
so...enough of my waffle about my lovely break...huge thanks to all my family...especially Meg who did all the driving...and on to some crafting! i'm starting a class with Shimelle today...so i'll be back to share all the details about that asap!!
happy day all around...and thanks as always for dropping by! xx


Linda Elbourne said...

I missed you ... really ... I did :0)

Julia Dunnit said...

Well done you - sometimes it takes come guts to take a much needed restorative break. I hope your Mum's move goes without a hitch - happy days ahead.