April 21, 2011

30 minute Thursdays!

For this week's 30 minute Thursday i decided to whip up a Speckled Easter Egg Hunt kit!

The little flags are created by stamping an Easter egg shape and the words *eggs this way* onto black cardstock and embossing with Adirondack matte embossing powders. I don't often use these powders as they give a mottled, speckled effect...but its just perfect for creating speckled eggs!

once i'd stamped the egg shapes i simply cut them out and taped them to kebab sticks so i can stick them into the grass on Sunday :) Easy peasy, huh? and super fun to do with your children if you have them {i don't...so i tend to borrow other people's ;) }

i created my own stamp from speedy carve rubber and lino cutting tools...but if you don't have any of this...you can easily create a simple egg shape with a potato...and amazingly...you can still emboss it!! who knew!! if you don't want to do any stamping at all...look for some Easter themed clipart and print out some flags using your printer...or get the children to draw them :)

once you've created your flag signs...simply pop them in the groud all around the garden and then hide your little eggs not too far away...unless you want the guests to spend a LONG time in the garden ;)

this is my stamp {which coincidentally also took less than 30 minutes to create}...notice that you have to do reverse the lettering...and i did that *almost* perfectly...did you spot it??? lol


misteejay said...

"Y" was there something wrong...LOL

Great idea Alix and that speckled effect looks really good.

Toni xx

Linda Elbourne said...

A fab quickie make my dear :0)

Sue said...

Thats so cool! Have fun hiding them .

Anonymous said...

I love the signs, great idea. I couldn't spot the almost mistake. Have a great Easter.

Judith said...

y would anyone spot that.
Great idea x

fatmonica said...

What a great idea!They look fab.

Angelnorth said...

Great carved stamp - love it! You made the classic "relax, nearly all done" mistake I reckon ;o) The speckled EP is really effective for the eggs!

Jenny said...

Great project and good idea to make your own stamp.
Jenny x

Claireliz said...

Alix these are fab, Y did I not see these earlier? LOL
They really are brilliant, I'll use that idea next year, your stamp is fab too, Love it