April 28, 2011

30 minute Thursdays!

Welcome back to the 30 minute Thursday spot...where i share something i've created in...well...you can guess how long i give myself, right? ;) i encourage you to join in too and leave me a link in the comments to your 30 minute projects too :)

This week i got to thinking about how daunting a brand new journal can be...how intimidating some people find all those pristine blank pages...so i thought i'd share my way to deal with *first page fear*...i tend to make the first page a sort of mission statement for the journal...a promise and a challenge to myself about what i want to create within the journal...and that is exactly what i've done here...

the fear is dealt with also by restricting the materials i can use...in this case only what is out on my desk...and it all has to be done and dusted in less time than it takes to make dinner :)

i'd love to see if this strategy works for you...to help you get started...because once the first page is done...its so exciting to fill all the other pages and doesn't seem so oddly scary...another theory i have...is that all journal pages do not have to be beautiful!! this might seem a bit radical...but i don't want to censor the pages that don't quite hang together...or don't quite work out...there is something to be learned from these pages...often more than the ones where you've stayed in your comfort zone and made *a pretty picture*...am i right here?

Apologies for the properly poor quality of today's photo...i opted to scan my page...i won't be doing that again unless its raining...{which is a shame because its a lot less effort than dragging myself, my camera and my crafty delights downstairs into the garden and back again...but hey ho!}

ok, happy journalling...do share your mission statement pages...and see you soon!

ps the journalling on this page reads:

*which way now?*
it may not be an easy journey and it will not always be a pretty path we follow...but this journal and i will travel through techniques and ideas together...hopefully arriving at a destination where i feel i've found *my style*...but then again...we'll probably just have found our flow!


Lou and Mel said...

I love your page and the approach you have to a brand new book! I havent ever tried journalling like this and would feel pretty daunted given a white, blank page and some coloured pens!!! I can't even manage to keep a normal type of diary as it would probably be too boring to read!

Claireliz said...

Love your journal page & your approach to journaling. I may adopt this philosphy.

spikeydave said...

Love the painting and look forward to seeing the book develop with your many and varied inspirations!!

Rosie said...

I get around the fear by not starting on the first page - all my entries are out of date order, and that way it seems easier. Look forward to seeing more pages!