May 26, 2011

30 minute Thursdays...create a cardi!


misteejay said...


Don't know what's up Alix but all I get is computer code-type stuff showing where your post should be.

Toni xx

Claireliz said...

Looks like Blogger didn't want to post this Alix, I'd love to see it when Blogger decides to behave again - goodness knows when that will be, it's been over a week now hasn't it since it started playing up?

Bubbles said...

If I squint, I can make out a pink (or red?) cardi with some gorgeous necklace-like attachments.... would love to see it properly *lol* though I know it's going to be gorgeous and amazing - your projects always are! :)

Sandra said...

I'm having a little bit of problem reading your blog today :( ... I'll try again tomorrow.