July 14, 2011

30 minute Thursdays...a funky button ring...

Morning all, time for another 30 minute Thursday project...a rather funky button ring.  This is a great project to do with the girls in your life...young and old...and would make a great sleepover activity!

You will need some wire and a couple of buttons.  I cut my wire into three 9" lengths:

Loosely plait the middle section of your wires to hold them together {this is much easier if you have someone else hold one end!!}...just plait enough to go around your finger:

 Check it by bending it around your finger and twisting the wire together to keep the join where you want it:

Remove your finger...and you now have a ring with 6 legs!  Notice how your plait seems so much neater when you've bent it round into a circle? Magic! ;0)

Add your buttons to 2 of the longest threads by pushing the wire up through the back, over the middle and down through the other hole:

The back of your ring will look like this and you can stop at this stage, twisting the wire gently into a small spiral behind the button and trimming neatly {making sure you have no rough edges to catch on your finger} this will create a simple button ring...

...but i like to take it a bit further and add a coiled wire petals for extra fun to my rings!  Simply use round nose pliers to make a small loop on the end of each wire and then use your fingers to make loose spirals with each of the wires.  Arrange the spirals to look like petals all facing the same way and you're done!

And here is my finished funky button ring:

...and here is another...slightly smaller buttons this time {i only have small hands}:

...and finally...my favourite but most bonkers version...the super~sized funky ring!!


Ali said...

GREAT idea for the summer hols - my DD will love this :)

Anonymous said...

What a great idea! I'm off on my hols next week so I might have to give this a go! Becky x

misteejay said...

What a fun idea - I love the swirly bits round the buttons, they look great.

Toni xx

Fifi-T said...

wow that is incredible, what a perfect way to have matching jewelry

Fifi-T said...

wow that is incredible, what a perfect way to have matching jewelry

Bubbles said...

My daughter and her friends will love this! Thank you so much for shaing :)
btw... you have beautiful nails! *lol* (I used to be a nail technician, and always notice nails)