September 29, 2011

30 minute Thursdays...coaster from scraps!

Welcome back again Thursday crafters :0)
This week i have a cute project for you that helps you to make something useful...a coaster or trivet...or maybe even a pot stand for a cute plant...and all out of the scrap cardstock left over from scrapping or cardmaking...and one of the cardboard rings from your double sided sticky tape rolls!  As always on a can do it in double quick time too :0)

First up, you need to assemble your'll need some cardstock that you no longer love, or leftovers from other could even use junk mail!  You'll also need an empty DSST ring, some craft glue {PVA or your favourite kind}, a metal ruler and a craft knife.

Cut a cardstock strip 12" long and the same width as your ring.  Use this strip to cover the outside of your cardboard ring and use a peg or clip to hold into place while the glue dries.  Colour the top of the ring with a permanent ink that tones nicely.

While this is drying, cut more cardstock strips of the same width...using your knife and ruler or a paper trimmer.

Curl the strips in your fingers, as if you were rolling up an old fashioned tape measure.

As you curl your strips, glue them into place inside the ring as shown below.  Make sure you glue the end to the outside for neatness.  Complete the outside ring and then glue 5 or 6 strips together to create one mammoth strip and roll this to form the centre.  Alternatively, you could make another ring of small coils with one coil in the middle...just play!

Glue your massive coil into the middle making sure you have glue where each coil touches.  Attach a diecut scalloped circle or chipboard shape to the bottom for stability and place a heavy book on top and leave for the glue to dry.  At this stage you could simply hang your project as a cute work of looks lovely in a window if you don't add the backing as the light travels right through :0)

To use as a coaster, add a couple of coats of Marine varnish {a spray sealant available in model shops} and add your favourite mug!

As always...i do hope you've enjoyed today's little project and i'd love to know if you have a go and create one of your own...or if you just spark off the idea to create something quite different!

If you'd like to win this one...simply leave a comment with your name and e~mail address...and i'll randomly choose one person to win it!


Jass said...

these are so cute I will have to give it ago I always seem to have a lot of scrap paper left over

Bubbles said...

This is a great idea! And to think that I've just got rid of 2 binbags of paper scraps (scraps = anything less than a 12x12 *lol*)

vixen said...

Gorgeous and very unique Alix :)

Helen said...

What a fab idea! Will definitely have to have a go at this... Thanks for the inspiration. :-)

misteejay said...

Lovely idea Alix - shame I threw out a couple of empty reels only a couple of days ago.

Toni xx

Emy said...

Fantastic idea! TFS xx