October 27, 2011

30 minute Thursdays...simply charming chainmail

Jewellery is beautiful...i guess that is the point of it....but it can take forever to make something that looks stylish and unique...in today's 30 Minute Thursday project i share my love of chain mail and my simple take on how to give the technique a go and create a pretty bracelet...in under 30 minutes!

You will need:
2 pairs of jewellery pliers {to open and close the jump rings}
75 jump rings {i use sterling silver ones to prevent allergy issues}
Toggle clasp
7 small glass beads
7 silver head pins

How to do it:
Creating a basic chain mail chain like this one is actually very simple...and endlessly satisfying! ;0)  Firstly use your pliers to open one jump ring and thread 4 more onto it, before using the pliers to close the ring again.

You should then have 5 rings that look like this:

Next, open another jump ring and hook the two end rings over it, and add 2 more jump rings, then close the ring.  Repeat this, hooking the end two rings and adding 2 more each time, and your chain will look like this!

Once you've got the technique, its surprising how quickly the chain grows so keep a ruler handy to make sure you don't make the chain longer than you need!  Add the toggle and bar onto the ends on a double link for extra strength.

If you want to, you can leave the chain at this stage...i think this is really *grown~up* and stylish for a subtle jewellery piece.

I have added simple glass charms to my chain mail chain.  This was done by creating a wrapped loop charm with each of my glass beads and attaching them to my chain with a jump ring at regular intervals:

I love how pretty and girlie this is...but understated too...although you could use bolder, bigger charms for a more chunky look if you should choose to!

As always, i do hope you've enjoyed seeing my make and if you do fancy giving this a go...i'd love to hear how you get on...and see the finished creation! :0)

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