July 12, 2010

dreams do come true...and a big question..?

i am so, so, so happy that my Mum, my little sister and her cute hubby are all moving to be near us really soon...so i just had to scrap my excitement! i totally feel that this will be a good thing for us all and i want them to come...NOW!!! ;0)

its another page using scraps and left overs, the base cardstock is left over from a DT kit i got as part of Trinkets, Trash & Treasure...does anyone even remember them now? gosh that feels like a long time ago! i've stamped the sub~title and raised it on foam to allow it to stand out a little which is a touch i really like...subtle for me, eh? lol
the dreams title was made from white chip letters swiped with blue chalk ink and then stippled with a navy chalk ink to create a denim look...really pleased with the way that turned out!
and now for the question:
what do you do when you make a spelling or journalling error? as you can see i've mis~spelled a word and crossed it out...and missed a word out completely in the paragraph at the bottom...so what would you do here?
a} start again with a fresh piece of cardstock and be more careful,
b} embrace it as part of the process and a sure sign that i made this page!

i'd love to hear your opinions on this...am i right to leave it as is?


2Angels said...

Fab layout and yay for having your family move closer! :) I wish mine could! I would probably re-do the journaling but then I am painfully perfectionist about some things and make my life very hard! I write most of my journaling because it makes it more personal but it kills me because I don't like my handwriting and it would look so much neater typed! lol I didn't even notice the crossed out word until I read about it :)

Penny aka Pennyk said...

AS for you little mistakes- I would leave it as it is- it make is unique and yours. In generations to come they will not mind handwritten mistakes, it all adds to the charm.

Sarah said...

That is a gorgeous LO. I'd leave the mistakes myself because life isn't perfect and neither am I!

Sally said...

Lovely LO - and would be a shame to re-do. When I made a mistake like that on a LO ages ago (put Bournemouth instead of Barmouth derrr) I wrote Barmouth on a contrasting colour card and cut it out and outlined it - then stuck it over the wrong word.

Hannah said...

It's a lovely layout and a great story behind it.
I know how annoying it is when you make a mistake, I've done it plenty of times!
For your layout I would just leave it as it is. I tend to leave what I do up to what will suit the page and the size of the piece I'm writing on. If it's small, re-do it, if it's on a large piece like yours I just leave it. Like you said, it makes it clear it's handmade which I quite like. :)

sutty said...

Lovely LO - and it is great to have your family moving close to you. Journalling wise - when you have written that much I would embrace the mistake - makes it more personal!

Alana said...

Great layout, wonderful that your family will now be closer.
Hmmmm journalling mistakes!!!! I am a perfectionist and a poor speller so I always write in pencil and check the dictionary first, then overwrite in pen. If I do make a mistake it's usually on my last sheet of paper so I sometimes highlight the word by sticking a cut out slip of paper over it, outline it and write in the correct spelling. Then I do this randomly throughout the journalling, this way it looks like you have done it on purpose.

Claireliz said...

Great LO, Its nice having family nearby, we're just in the process of moving my Nan up here after we lost grandad last year.
as for the spelling, I try to be careful but if I make a mistake that I can't change, I tend to go with as it shows it was me who made it... embrace your errors :)

nerllybird said...

I've just seen your question about the spelling...If I hadn't got as far as sticking the cardstock onto the layout, I would consider starting again. Depends how 'perfect' the rest of the page is, I guess. More likely I would leave it, and correct the mistake if I could. I don't always like the look of my handwriting on a layout anyway, but it's there because it's mine, and so are any mistakes!