July 13, 2010

introducing *pippi*

remember a while back {5 months ago actually} i mentioned that we had a new member in our family..? well at long last i finally got to meet her! :0)

her name is *pippi* and she is just adorable...but i will have to have a word with her about co~ordinating our outfits with the furniture for future photos!! lol
also, even tho i sometimes use a wheelchair and despite this *photographic evidence* i would like to point out that i do actually have *legs* ;0) but they are not as cute as hers!
*gotta love chubby baby legs, right?*

thanks to everyone who left comments about spelling mistakes, etc. on yesterday's post...it was really interesting to read how you all feel...and i'm confident in my choice to leave the errors...it makes the page more *me*, somehow!

ok, so i'm off to watch a scary movie with his nibs...if *the thing* doesn't get me...i'll be back tomorrow...hopefully having scrapped this photo!

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