July 30, 2011

30 minute Thursdays...the pom pom coaster...on a Saturday!!!

ok...so there has been a definite lack of 30 minute Thursdays of late...but better late than never, here is the project i prepared but you never got this week! :0)

its a cute and practical coaster for your cup of whatever to rest on while and the colours can be adapted to suit your colour scheme...so why not give it a go..?  a handful of these tied with string would make a super gift too ;0)

You need:
a coaster base ~ an unwanted coaster to recover, a coaster blank or as i've used some unwanted cork floor tiles die cut into circles in the Big Shot!
Tacky Glue {or similar strong glue}
Pom pom trim

Coat the entire top surface of your coaster with a thick layer of the Tacky Glue {i spread mine with a lolly stick} and apply your pom pom trim all the way around the edge.  Overlap the ends slightly.

Next take your string and create a tight spiral starting in the middle of the coaster and winding round and round.  Press the string into the glue as you go and it holds nicely :0)  Don't worry if you're not exactly in the middle...this becomes obvious as you increase the spiral and you have plenty of time to slide into the right position.

When your spiral reaches the pom pom trim, apply a line of glue onto the trim {not the pom poms...the flat bit} and overlap your spiral to hold the trim firmly in place.

Trim your string to the right length and use a pokey tool to tuck the end underneath the spiral to finish off neatly and prevent little fingers undoing all your work...now leave to dry!  The glue doesn't show at all in the dry version :0)

what now..?  time for a cuppa i think and a sit back to admire your handiwork!


misteejay said...

What a great idea - would be something for the kids to have a go at during the holidays too.

Toni xx

Emilie said...

oooh! I love that! Great idea!

fatmonica said...

Brilliant!I'll be giving that a go!Thanks for the inspiration.