July 29, 2011

looking on the bright side...

hi there one and all...sorry for the lack of blog action for the last couple of weeks...all is not bright and shiny in alixland atm...but i'm doing my best to look on the bright side of things...and as proof...i'm even sharing a quick page from my journal with you:

well i did say it was *bright*...i hope you've brought your shades!
... it was created in front of the telly using a Pitt Artist pen and some Neocolour II crayons with a waterbrush.  You can get brilliant colour and texture with these crayons on the lovely watercolour paper...but if like me...you're distracted...and using a nasty lamp to light your work...the colours can look a little odd by the following morning!  see that section where the bottle doesn't even look coloured????  very odd...but sometimes just getting a thought down and out of my head is enough...its doesn't always have to be *art* in and of itself for me :0)

as always, thanks for stopping by...even more thanks for leaving me an encouraging comment...and do bear with me...i will be back in full blogging stride again asap!


misteejay said...

Sending BIG (((hugs)))

Love the lemons c",)

Toni xx

Sarah (UKS Smelly) said...

Enjoy that lemonade Alix. Hope you start to pick up soon. Sending hugs