October 13, 2011

30 minute Thursdays...shoe revamp!

I bet i'm not the only one out there with a really comfy pair of shoes that have seen better days...so today's project shows a cute way to revamp a scruffy/stained/scuffed pair of pumps...into a new and rather unique pair!

You'll need an old pair of shoes {obvious really}, some sheets of newspaper, an ink and some Mod Podge:

Tear your newspaper into lots of pieces {not too small or you'll be all day, not 30 minutes!} and mix some Mod Podge with a few sprays of black ink in a glass jar:

Paint your shoes with the Mod Podge mix and cover with the pieces of newspaper.  Add a layer of the glue over the newsprint too to add colour and to seal the paper to the shoe:

Continue until you have worked your way all around both shoes.  At this point I decided to remove the elastic straps:

When the glue has dried enough for you to handle the shoes, neaten all the edges with a permanent marker pen:

And finally, add a toning flower to each shoe.  These are Prima flowers which i've sprayed with the black ink and sealed with Marine Varnish to toughen them up a bit:

Assemble yourself a cute outfit...i'm thinking these will look good with warm tights and a cute grey dress i own...and model your new shoes for all to admire!

I hope that's got your creative juices flowing...and feel free to adapt the idea by using tissue paper instead of newsprint...a pretty coloured pair would be lovely!


Glen said...

Fab idea Alix. Love the new look shoes. *Ü* TFS. ~Glen~

fatmonica said...

I never thought of using mod podge on shoes but I'm so going to give this a go!

Sue Jones said...

Wow - Fab idea

Bubbles said...

Who would've ever thought of modpodge and newspaper on shoes? Only you, Alix... and it's fantastic :)
Reminds me a bit of the 80's, when white stiletto heels would have scuff marks 'repaired' with tippex *lol*

Marie said...

Ohhh, great idea! I have about a billion tonnes of 7 Gypsies tissue paper left.. now I know what I will be doing with it!

Marie x

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