June 14, 2012

Spring has sprung...journal page

Spring may have sprung...but what happened to the Summer..?  Huh?  Did i blink and miss it!!! 

Personally, spring is my favourite time of year, i love that its bright and everything is bursting into life...its the most affirming time of year for me...everywhere you look there is something to make to me feel hopeful and happy.  I love that my garden fills with birds and leaves start bursting out...not to mention the huge clematis flowers that are the first thing to bloom in our yard, so it seemed a fitting thing to document in my journal.

I'm still working on trying every style and medium going in my journalling to see what suits me best, but this combination of Neocolour II's and lots of doodling is certainly my favourite at the moment.  Of course it would have all worked better if i'd used the right kind of paper so it didn't warp with all the water i added...but i don't really mind that in my journal...i'm just playing...there is no need for perfection here...that only makes me nervous!  And speaking of perfection...i really need to work on drawing birds!! lol


Sue Jones said...


misteejay said...

What a lovely page Alix. I love the colours.

Toni xx

fatmonica said...

I love this and actually the fact that the page warped adds to it-in a good way!

Claire said...

This is gorgeous Alix, love the bright colours.
C xx

Steph said...

This is stunning, Alix. Your bird looks great, I thought it was stamped. Steph xx